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We are passionate about design and code.
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56 Content Management

We go behind the scenes with leading architectural design firm WATG, and MCMS creator Paul Moment, to find out what's so special about the content management system MCMS.

76 Designed to Rock

Justin Kellner is a music-lover and rockstar designer. Check out who he's currently designing for, and what music he spins for inspiration. Read more inside.

84 Visual Storytelling

Enjoy this special sneak peek into an upcoming article with Jesse Rosten. We will go where few have gone before; into the mind of this creative genius to get his take on visual storytelling. As a bonus, we've posted some short samples of his work. Check it out.

88 Photos of Life

Photographer Forest James has been photographing life from the native culture and traditions of the coastal Tolowa tribe to the big screen and magazines in between for over a decade. Read more inside.

104 Art and Surf

Making waves with Spencer Reynolds! We sit down with long-time client and surf artist Spencer Reynolds to discuss his artistic style, inspirations, and the business side of being a full-time working artist. Read all about it inside.

Studio 1 Art Cafe is an innovative, state-of-the-art, interactive Art Gallery representing artists from all over the U.S. and the UK. Read about how they use the custom iOS App that Swarm built for their fine art enthused customers.

A highly valued member of our iOS mobile application team is our good friend and colleague, Chris Bower. He is unfazed by complexity, and seems to thrive on challenging projects. Take time to learn more about one of our go-to code masters for intricate mobile application development.

The official fan app launches for the Grace for Drowning tour.