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This may appear to be a simple process. So why not do it yourself? Well, if you have the time and determination to dedicate to it, go for it. But, isn't your time better spent focusing on your core business? Your time is valuable, so why not partner with a professional instead. The process may sound easy, but it has taken us years of trial and error to perfect.

SEO Copywriting

The content of a website is a big factor in achieving quality search engine results. Website copy should be professionally written, with just the right amount of juicy keywords and phrases. It is a mistake to believe that anyone can create search quality content. Our experienced team of writers are experts at creating engaging, well written content with a view to search that is 'seo friendly'.

Pay-Per-Click Management (PPC)

There is no denying the value of Pay-Per-Click Marketing. Combined with organic search optimization, PPC can have a very powerful affect on the visibility of a website on the internet. But, advertising on the internet is a constantly evolving beast. Pitfalls exist for the inexperienced. A poorly managed PPC campaign can turn into an advertising money pit. Money can easily be spent ineffectively, and very quickly. At Swarm, our process has evolved with the market and trends in search analytics. Our PPC strategy is built around:

• A professionally designed campaign landing page
• The creation of targeted, well budgeted campaigns
• The use of well researched keywords, and removal of negative keywords
• Targeted, specific, and enticing Ad Copy
• Tracking of conversions and constant adjustment of bids and terms
• Detailed analysis

We manage a wide range of campaign budget allocations. We endeavor to mitigate click fraud by staying hands-on with your campaign. This approach allows us to provide increased conversion rates, and significant overall return on investment.

Social Media Management

One of the most important factors that has evolved in online marketing is the advent of social media. Facebook pages, Twitter feeds, Linkedin networking, YouTube channels, and Company Blogs have forever changed the online marketing landscape.

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