form follows function and
variety keeps it interesting

Form follows function has always been a source of lively debate and remains an important topic of discussion. The World Wide Web has proven to be a significant playground for designers and code architects alike. Interestingly, as people, designers and coders couldn't be more different. An obvious stereotype? Yes... but one that more often than not proves true (thus the stereotype). This is why it is common to see websites that look fantastic but don't actually have much technical pizzaz or functionality (created by skilled graphic designers). Or the converse; super technical near-sentient websites that look like a rainbow was tossed into a blender and poured into your browser (created by the typical color-blind and user-interface-challenged code-warrior).

To truly maximize the potential of the internet, and especially (in this context) the web, it requires a really good combination of both skilled designers and coders. The boundaries of what can be done are continually being pushed at a staggeringly rapid pace. Neglecting either functional design or technical capabilities would be wasteful of the potential that can be achieved.

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