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"The making of Grace For Drowning was a big artistic step forward for me - while it has its roots in the experimental rock music of the early 70's, it's also an album which could have only been made in the 21st Century. To this end we have also embraced the best that modern technology has to offer by making the album one of the first ever to be conceived specifically for blu-ray, which allows much higher audio resolution as well as interactive visual elements. As a continuation of that philosophy this iPhone app allows fans to keep track of news and tour dates, but also access to audio and visual content, some of which is exclusive to the app (and more of which will be added as time goes on)." - Steven Wilson

"GFD is probably the biggest project I've worked on, from the films to the images and all the different formats it was released in. We developed over 10,000 images knowing that none of the editions could contain even a fraction of the final result. It's been a great honor and pleasure to be part of this adventure with Steve and everyone else involved and I hope all will enjoy listening and looking at GFD for many years in the future. With this great looking app we are able to show everything we couldn't fit in the book or on the Blu-Ray. Enjoy!" - Lasse Hoile

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Steven Wilson Official Fan App

This app features:

- Exclusive audio and video content only available in the fan app

- Instant news and tour updates including photos & audio from the GFD tour

- Insurgentes and Grace for Drowning photo sessions

- Airplay enabled audio and video