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Jesse Rosten is a filmmaker currently based out of Northern California. He's a visual guy with a great imagination. In fact, that vivid imagination gained him some world-wide notoriety when he came up with the concept for combining an iPad with velro, and then filmed the results. The video quickly went viral, gaining legions of fans, as well as the attention of the internet news media. Eventually, the video even caught the eyes of iPad-maker - Apple Inc. Apple soon included the video on their actual website! (we've posted the video to the right, if you're interested in taking a peek)

Although the 'iPad + Velcro' video is what garnered Jesse the most attention, his other creative works shouldn't be ignored. From his commercial work to his short films, Jesse is a true storyteller and visual artist. His films often combine great stories with excellent camera work, and then complete the package with fun music and enticing motion affects.

Jesse is the real-deal, and we consider ourselves privileged to work in collaboration with him. Stay-tuned for an insightful upcoming article where we will go into the mind of Jesse Rosten, to get his personal opinion on everything from what got him interested in film in the first place, to who/what are his major inspirations. We'll also get a detailed look at his professional approach and workflows. Until then, enjoy the video samples of Jesse's work highlighted on this page.


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