Content Management System

Behind the Scenes with
Leading Architectural
Design Firm WATG
and MCMS Creator
Paul Moment

Ever heard of the 'man behind the curtain'? Well, that statement could have been written exclusively for Paul Moment. He is literally the wizard behind oz. Paul brings absolute genius to almost everything he touches. He's a multi-talented designer and developer for the web. But in our opinion, his most valuable contribution to online development is his CMS platform - MCMS. This product is CMS on steroids, but with the functionality and ease of use that is pure poetry in motion. Swarm development projects often include various forms of CMS. But, when a Swarm client requires only the best in CMS, we look no further than Paul's content management system, MCMS. Swarm has partnered with Paul for many years, and we're proud to offer his content management system to our valued clients. We sat down with Paul to get the details on this amazing backend technology.

There are a lot of CMS platforms out there already. Why did you decide to build a new one? How is your concept behind MCMS different than other options you see on the market?

Good questions. I actually started my career as a web designer, and had the sad task of struggling with CMS after CMS that had to be radically modified just to do something simple that the client wanted. Both kinds of available platforms - open-source and paid - follow a similar model in how they treat your web site data. In the attempt to make a system that is generically useful, developers actually make their platforms harder to use. Their systems force users, site planners and admins, designers and developers to build the web site around the way their system works.

I think that's completely backwards. A content management system (CMS) should instead make it easier to build and maintain a site that is custom-tailored to the needs of the business and that

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