Designed to Rock

Catching Up
with Justin Kellner

So what happens when you're born into a family of creative folks, but your life from an early age becomes filled with rock & roll? Well, mix the two, shake and serve ... and voila, you've got Justin Kellner. Justin is a rockin' designer, literally! He has created some of the most unique web properties, for some of the coolest rock bands around today. We're thrilled to have Justin as part of the Swarm! Read on for more on this rockstar designer.

Why did you choose to be a designer? And why design for the web?

It was one of those weird things that I sort of just fell into. I grew up in a very creative environment with my father being an editor, my mother being a journalist and both of my uncles working at video game companies as producers or developers. One of

my uncles worked at Interplay and would give me computer games from time to time. Seriously, how awesome is that!? I remember him giving me a copy of Syndicate Wars (1996) that I used to play for hours, I should probably try to find that somewhere and rock it again! At this point I would like to apologize in advance for any tangents that I might go on ... Anyways, one day he came to my house with a copy of Photoshop 3 (not CS3, just 3) and I was pretty much hooked. I later got a copy of Front Page 97 and used to make simple fun little websites based on Nintendo games and other random stuff that I was into at the time. It remained a hobby for years and years until I went to school for design and started freelancing. That pretty much brings us up to speed with today.

You seem to be especially interested in the music industry. What is the attraction?

There are tons of reasons that I gravitate towards this,but the main one is the fact that I have been obsessed with music since I was a toddler. I was

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