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Which app has been the biggest challenge for you as far as development goes?

That would certainly have to be Melon Meter, an app that allows you to gauge whether a watermelon is ready to eat or not. The technical challenges there seemed insurmountable at times.

There is a lot of attention on mobile apps now. How do you see the web being an important part of this new platform?

For an iPhone app to be more than just a brochure, it needs to be consistently updated with fresh content and appealing media. A great example of this is the Official Steven Wilson Fan App: We were able to leverage existing content on the web, as well as provide content exclusive to the iOS app and present it in a very eye-catching way. This allows fans to follow and keep in touch with the artist as they're in the studio or on tour, as well as go back and view 'long-tail' content they may have never had the opportunity to see before. Most of the time, a disconnected mobile app doesn't make a lot of sense - mobile is all about having the web in your pocket. And with a bespoke app rather than just a mobile web page you can literally have the best of both worlds.

How important is good design when it comes to app development?

Design is king on iOS. If your app functionality is the greatest idea in the world, but looks like it was designed by a two year-old who got let loose in MS Paint, it doesn't stand a chance of success. There are 100's of 1,000's of apps in the App Store today, and the signal-to-noise ratio is pretty low. You have to rise above the crowd somehow, and a design that pops is the key first step.

How does iPhone and iPad development differ?

When it comes down to it, they're mostly the same device. Once just has a larger screen and so you approach the UX design from another angle. But transitioning from iPhone->iPad is a piece of cake. Where they differ is essentially in interface concepts: You may have a user experience on the iPhone that is flawless, but doesn't translate effectively over to a larger screen. It often requires rethinking the foundation of an app in those cases.

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