iOS App Development

Doing it right
with Chris Bower

Here at Swarm, our team is everything to us. From designers and developers, to internet strategists and marketing gurus ... our working collaborative is what makes Swarm so special. It's what allows us to create incredible solutions for our clients.

Mobile Application Development is a prime Swarm offering. We create custom client apps that help with operational efficiencies, support business processes, and apps that become marketing extensions of current branding initiatives. We even partner on apps for customer sale through the iTunes app store. It takes a talented team to advance an amazing mobile application from concept to deployment. One highly valued member of our iOS mobile application team is our good friend and colleague, Chris Bower.

Chris is the proverbial wizard of oz, the man behind the curtain. He is a master of iOS application development. Chris is unfazed by complexity, and seems to thrive on challenging projects. He continues to be one of our go-to code masters for intricate mobile application development. We're fortunate to have Chris as part of the Swarm team!

This month, we sit down with Chris to talk 'doing it right' in iOS Application Development.

How did you get started developing iOS mobile applications for iPhone/iPad?

I started out by playing around with developing an app concept for the company I was working for in 2008. This was back before everyone realized you NEED to have an iOS app to be relevant today, so I didn't have a lot of traction from management. It became more of a spare-time project that never ended up going anywhere. It did however allow me to get my feet wet in Objective-C and became the starting point for me to launch in to iOS development when I went freelance a few months later.

Which app has been the most fun for you to create?

Probably the card game I developed for hire called Kings Go Free. The animation and logic challenges in doing a game were new to me, so it was a nice reprieve from the typical 'put button here, make it do this' sort of app.

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